Export of wood and its products decreased by one fourth

During the period from January to September of 2009, the export of Lithuanian wood and its products decreased by one fourth and and was only 4.2 billion Litas. The export of cut timber has decreased by 4%.

According to the Department of Statistics, 319 thousand m³ of wood was exported from Lithuania during this period. The export of conifer has increased by 2%, and the export of leaf-bearing trees decreased by one tenth. Germany remains to be the main country of export.

Compared to the year of 2008, the import of cut timber into the country has decreased by more than 41% The conifer import was 35% less than a year before, and the import of leaf bearing trees was 56% less.

During this period, there were 183 thousand m³ of conifer exported and 118 thousand m³ imported. 136 thousand m³ of softwood exported, and 30 thousand m³ imported.