Extreme cold slowed down the operation of sawmills

Unexpected cold in Lithuania constricted the work of the country’s wood processors.

In the last two weeks, as the thermometer column dropped below -15ºC, many cutters and sawmills temporarily suspended or limited the production of wood. The work was suspended because of economical unprofitableness. According to Juozupas Zimnickas, the director of Wood Processors Association that unites more than 20 companies, the performance on average fell by 50 percent. The decrease was determined by the fact that trees and wood got too frozen and is difficult to cut and process, said Mr. Zimnickas, the Chairman of the Board of UAB Juodeliai.

The meteorologists forecast that freezing weather will prevail in the first half of February. Low temperature in February can have negative effect on the work of wood processors. Therefore, the chance to be late to fulfil obligations to partners and customer increases.