UAB Juodeliai expands the geography of sales and output of its production

For many years of experience working with Western European countries, UAB Juodeliai has established close partnerships with the economically strong countries such as Germany, Belgium, Holland, in which the majority of wood products manufactured in the Company are being exported until now.

The current economic hard times have encouraged the seeking of new export opportunities in other European Union countries. Cooperation relations with such countries as the Czech Republic, Austria, Denmark, Slovenia, Poland, Estonia and France have been established. The increased circle of clients across Europe makes it easier to realize the production, and promotes closer cooperation with transport companies.

The realization markets for the Company‘s production are expanding also in other directions – requests from Turkey, Israel, Greece, United Arab Emirates and other countries are increasing. The demand of the Company‘s wood production, increased due to the market development, resulted in production and sales increase. During the 1st quarter of 2010, UAB Juodeliai produced 13,174 m3 of various pallet blanks (europallets, CP pallets and one-way pallets), i.e. 49,91% more compared with 4th quarter of 2009 (The increase in production volume was partially resulted from reconstruction in the one production department). Most of the production was exported to Western European countries, and only a small part is realized in Lithuania. Total sales of wood blanks equals to 12,956 m3, i.e. 56,46% more compared with 4th quarter of 2009.