Increasing Demand for Secondary Products of Sawmills

The increasing use of renewable energy resources opens up new opportunities not only for owners of biofuel plantations or forestry owners, but also for wood-processing companies – sawmills.

Currently, UAB Juodeliai produces and successfully sells more than 5000 m³ of secondary wood products during a month, which include about 40% of sawdust (approximately 30% of the total quantity of sawdust includes coniferous tree sawdust, and the rest – deciduous ones), and 60% of wood sliver (pulp chips). The production of the sawmills that belong to UAB Juodeliai has been well evaluated by not only Lithuanian but also by foreign buyers of wood products, who use wood as the main raw material for production of their products.

The opinion that the secondary products (sawdust, pulp chips, or cut-offs) obtained in wood-processing companies are only worthless waste has changed dramatically over the last decade. Currently, many representatives of the country‘s sawmills can only confirm that the secondary products (pulp chips, sawdust) obtained during the manufacturing process are as successfully sold as the main products (pallet blanks, pallets, etc.), and sometimes even better.