The Growth of the Second Half-Year Wood Sales has been Recorded

On May 18th this year, the competitive tenders of the second half-year sales under long-term contracts and half-yearly wood sales took place in Lithuanian forest enterprises. Large and medium-large sawn logs – total quantity of 252,800 m3, small sawn logs – 153,000 m3, paper wood – of 139,600 m3, panel wood – 90,300 m3, firewood – 88,100 m3, and other cutting waste (some of it is used for biofuels) have been offered. According to the data of the published results, the offered amounts of wood have gone in the tenders to the companies that had offered the highest wood prices.

The growing demand for wood in the country increases the shortage of wood, and raises prices. Considering the announced results of the wood competitive tenders, the wood prices have increased significantly compared with the first half of this year, i.e. the price of small sawn logs has increased more than 25% (the latter are used in the manufacture of pallet blanks), paper wood prices – more than 38%, and panel wood prices – more than 30%.

Wood processing companies are worried that the increase in prices of the raw material may reduce the competitiveness of their wood production in foreign countries.