The Increase in Raw Material Prices Influence the Increase in Wood Production Prices

After the clarification of round wood sales prices of the second half-year of 2010, wood processors have rushed to revise and adjust the prices of wood products. This led to the increase of prices of all wood products manufactured in Lithuania, including the production of wood pallet and pallet blank manufacturers’ sector. For example, the price of pallet elements’ raw material has increased about 25% compared with the prices of the first half of this year.

According to A. Zimnickas, the Director of UAB Juodeliai, such an increase in raw material prices has strongly influenced the realization of the company’s production to foreign and local markets. Not to suffer the loss due to raw material price increase, the manufacturers of wood pallet blanks had to raise the production prices accordingly. However, not all manufacturers of wood pallets have agreed to raise the prices that would offset high price increase of raw material, and some of them agreed to do so within the next 2-3 months by gradually increasing the price of pallet blanks each month. Many buyers gave reasons for the fact that the prices in wood pallet realization market have settled for quite some time, and that the next change in wood pallet prices is expected in autumn.

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