The Storm has Caused Damage to the Lithuanian Wood Industry

It is estimated that the storm that raged in Lithuania on 8 August 2010 has caused the damage of around LTL 17 million to the forests of the country. In state forests alone, more than 360,000 sq.m of timber was uprooted and broken. Due to record heat in Lithuania, there is a high risk of the spread of coniferous trunks pests in the broken and uprooted trees. The quality of timber will soon deteriorate and therefore, urgent actions to eliminate the consequences of the storm are necessary.

The wood processing industry, including the companies that have wood pallets and pallet blanks among their products, will feel the consequences of the storm during the nearest period of purchasing raw timber. If the uprooted trees are urgently preserved, the amount of this timber will supplement the supply of raw timber. On the other hand, if the uprooted trees are lost, higher prices can be expected due to potentially lower amount of timber.

Wood processors are in obscurity as they cannot foresee, whether they will be able to maintain efficient production. The situation is facilitated only by the efforts of the Directorate General of State Forests, due to which all timber preparation works are concentrated in the regions that suffered most damage during the storm. It ensures continuous supply of raw material. The main uncertainty is related to the private forests, as their landowners do not provide the information about the planned actions to eliminate the consequences of the storm.

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