The trends in sawnwood production in the Baltic states

According to Eurostat data of 10 September 2010, the production of sawnwood in the Baltic states in 2009 totalled 4.66 mln cubic meters, and it included pallet blanks (pallet boards, wooden boards).

The analysis of the period of 1998–2009 indicates that in the Baltic states the amount of sawnwood output decreased by 10,42 % over the given period (see the line graph), wheras in 27 EU member states the produce of sawnwood reported an upwards trend of 10 %.

Sawnwood: Pallet blanks, Wooden Boards, Wooden Beams

Line graph. Total sawnwood production (1 000 m³).

The comparison of the statistics of 2008 and 2009 demonstrates that in the Baltic states the sawnwood output reduced by 2,37 % , while the whole Lithuanian sawnwood production fell by 8,85 % and the volume of UAB Juodeliai production grew by 19,11 %.

In 2009, the share of UAB Juodeliai output amounted 4,49 % of the overall sawnwood production in Lithuania.

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