Price variations for pallet blanks in third and fourth quarters 2010

At the beginning of September 2010, wooden pallet producers were anticipating a potential drop in the price of pallet blanks, which voiced concerns among woodwork manufacturers, esp. pallet blanks producers.  Having analysed modifications in seasonal prices of pallet blanks, some market players were observed having had unduly concerns, since transportation costs usually rise in the autumn period, which eventually determines the price of woodwork shipping.

In the second half of September, pallet blanks producers planned sales in October 2010 and they could more objectively forecast trends in woodwork price changes. As some wooden pallet producers state, prices have levelled off not only for their produce but for the purchase of raw materials, i.e. pallet blanks. However, due to the increased transportation costs, a large majority of wooden pallet producers will be paying a slightly higher price for the components of pallet blanks in October 2010. It is believed that a price rate similar to October will maintain in the market during the fourth quarter of 2010.

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