Consequences of August storm still felt in woodwork companies

The storm in August 2010 caused significant damage to state forest enterprises as well as individual forest owners. Among the areas that suffered most severely were coniferous forests in the south of Lithuania. The consequences of the hurricane are still felt in woodwork processing businesses.

In recent years, the pallet blanks output of UAB Juodeliai consisted of around 70% deciduous and 30% coniferous pallet blanks, and this distribution directly affected the purchase volume of raw materials. The storm in August heavily modified the distribution of raw material purchase by tree type. So in October, the segment of coniferous material grew to stand at more than 75% of the total purchase of raw stock.

Coniferous woodwork is technologically easier to process than deciduous, and that had a positive impact on the output. In October, UAB Juodeliai yielded a record output of 6000 m3 of pallet boards, the best result in the history of the company. Due to the rise of produce of coniferous pallet blanks, UAB Juodeliai had to adjust the planned sales in October. In order to fully fulfil the commitments, a part of orders for deciduous pallet blanks were replaced by more expensive coniferous pallet components despite incurred losses.

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