Market of pallet blanks in the fourth quarter of 2010

It is usual that due to changing flows of goods transportation the market of wooden pallets and pallet blanks is variable in the last quarter of each year. Some purchasers of wooden packaging products as well as some pallet manufacturers forecast and prepare for potential growth in the demand of wooden pallets in December, and later they adjust their purchasing and production plans to the actual claim. This adverse situation causes short-term variations in the market of wooden pallets such as EURO pallets, EPAL pallets and CP pallets.

Due to mainstreamed and long-term cooperation with their business partners, UAB Juodeliai managed to minimize the affect of seasonal market variations on the sales of woodwork production. By the middle of the fourth quarter 2010, UAB Juodeliai succeeded in maintaining stable production and sales volumes, and the company plans to preserve this stability till the end of the year.

pallet blanks

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