Competitive Tenders for Roundwood for the First Half of 2011 Took Place

On 18 November 2010, Lithuanian state forest enterprises organized competitive tenders for roundwood for the first half of 2011. 344,700 m3 of large and medium-sized sawn logs, 261,200 m3 of small sawn logs, 147,900 m3 of wood for panels, 219,700 m3 of pulpwood, 142,000 m3 of firewood, and 55,200 m3 of logging waste were on offer.

The results of the competition demonstrate that the demand for roundwood in the wood processing market is growing. Due to this, the number of purchasers of roundwood participating in the competition was several times higher, and the increased competition had an upward effect on the price of wood.

In comparison to the prices of roundwood in the previous year, the sale price of small sawn logs went up by more than 16%, of pulpwood – by more than 11%, and of wood for panels – by more than 13%.

On 2 December, after reviewing the announced results of the competitive tenders, a meeting was held in the Directorate General of State Forests, attended by the senior management of the Directorate General of State Forests and the Director of the Wood Processors Association Mr. Juozupas Zimnickas. There were observed some irregularities in the competitive tenders for roundwood, which might have affected business interests of the other bidders. The leaders of the Directorate General of State Forests reassured that measures will be taken to remedy the violations.

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