Suddenly Chilled Weather has Slowed the Work of Sawmills in Eastern Europe

At the beginning of December, the temperature dropped below -20 °C in some areas of Eastern Europe. Due to sharp and sudden temperature drop, outer layers of wood were turned into ice, and frozen logs became much more difficult to process. The production slowdown adjusted production plans of wood processing companies. The planned production volumes for December in most Eastern European sawmills had to be recalculated. Depending on the technological specifics of wood processing companies, production capacity dropped from 10% to 30%.

The sudden temperature change is noticed to have a strong impact on the production volume in cutting a small-diameter raw material. UAB Juodeliai mainly uses small sawn logs for its production, i.e. for wooden pallet blanks; thus, compared to November 2010, the production capacity has reduced by 25%.

Eastern European manufacturers of wooden pallet blanks meet a significant part of the Western European market demand. Therefore, the reduced production volumes, caused by low temperature, resulted in the shortage of pallet blanks in Western Europe.

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