An Optimistic Start in 2011

Having perfectly finished the 2010, UAB Juodeliai has taken a good start also in 2011. Compared with the customers’ activity in placing orders and queries for production of pallet blanks over the first months of the past several years, the beginning of this year has pleasantly surprised and set to optimistic results. The Western European manufacturers of wooden pallets that even at the beginning of January 2011 have timidly anticipated their needs for pallet blanks to next months on the 3rd week of January of this year already ordered the entire quantity of wooden pallets blanks, which UAB Juodeliai projects to produce in February.

Despite the optimistic trends in the market of wooden pallets, a shortage of transportation services was noticed in January. Such phenomenon may be associated with an increased flow of goods for carriers, which is resulted by the recovery of European industry and the deterioration of natural conditions that have slowed the pace of transportation services. The long-running negotiations between Russia and Poland on permits to the Polish carriers for 2011 also have corrected the traffic routes in Europe. In order to be able to deliver the wood products manufactured by UAB Juodeliai to its clients in time and not to reduce the production capacity, we have to make changes to the logistics of the company. Timely invoking the new databases of carriers and having paid more attention to cooperation with the carriers of Poland, Germany, Austria and other European countries, UAB Juodeliai has managed to avoid the more significant problems caused by shortage of transportation services.