The products of Juodeliai UAB: EPAL and CP pallet blanks

Since the commencement of its activities seventeen years ago, Juodeliai UAB focuses attention to the quality of its products, and to the strengthening of its sales positions.  In order to be able to work successfully in current market conditions, it is necessary to have one specific direction.  Therefore, the company’s specialization is the production of EPAL pallet elements and CP pallet blanks.  In the first quarter of 2011, 65 percent of Juodeliai UAB production was the raw material for EPAL pallet manufacturers, 25 percent was for CP pallet manufacturers, and the remaining 10 percent was for non-standard pallet manufacturers.

In the first quarter of 2011, there was an increase of the demand for CP pallet elements, while the demand for EPAL pallet blanks remained stable.  Because of its long-time experience, and despite the increasing price and lack of timber on the market, Juodeliai UAB managed to adapt to the changing market, and to be able to produce a larger volume of CP pallet blanks.  As the result of the planned May 2011 increase of production capacities, the company will be able to satisfy the increasing demand for CP pallet elements, and to retain the current volume of EPAL pallet blanks.

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