The charity and support foundation “Juodeliai & Co”

The charity and support foundation, “Juodeliai & Co”, headed by chairman Andrius Zimnickas, was established in 2010. Although the foundation has been active for a short period of time, it can already claim an abundance and variety of performed works. “Juodeliai & Co” supports and motivates the improvement of young basketball players in Marijampole, as well as other sports. The funds of the foundation are also given to children from children’s homes, to the green movement, to village societies, etc.

The organizers of the foundation believe that it is time to invest in a more sustainable education — knowledge and spiritual values. The foundation’s activity does not focus on one particular field; it seeks to direct its attention to those who really need help and support. The charity and support foundation “Juodeliai & Co” will continue its activities and seek to implement new projects, as well as those that have already become traditional.