Meeting with the Prime Minister of the Republic of Lithuania

On the 29th of April 2011, the Wood Processors Association director, Mr. Juozupas Zimnickas (who is also director-general of the company UAB “Juodeliai”), met with the Prime Minister of the Republic of Lithuania, Mr. Andrius Kubilius.  The reason for the meeting was the concern of the wood-processors regarding their business future.  Mr. Zimnickas communicated the wood-processors’ thoughts of their increased anxiety, which is due to the plans to intensely increase the potency of heating boiler-houses that use bio fuel; thereby requiring more good wood, over and above wood-waste, to be produced by the wood-processing companies .  The director cited the similar situation that had occurred in Poland; and he requested recognition of the defects of the Lithuanian law of renewable energy resources:  1) the absence of any means of protection of the forest as an ecosystem; 2) the lack of the necessary separation of wood that is designed for processing, from wood for biomass;  and 3) thus, increasing the possibility to develop alternative energy-plants in the country.

Mr. Zimnickas submitted to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Lithuania a request to establish a working-group of representatives of all interested groups, as well as scientists, who together:  1) would examine and evaluate the present situation; 2) would propose specific  calculations of possible data to collect and the probable consumption of bio fuel; and 3) would develop future perspectives.  These indicators by separate sorts of bio fuel should be reflected in a national renewable-energy resources development programme prepared by the government.