Competition: “Germany’s Economy Awards in Lithuania 2011”

German and Lithuanian Chambers of Commerce in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania (DBHK) are seeking to stimulate the development of economic relations between Germany and Lithuania, and to motivate Lithuanian companies to collaborate with partners in Germany.  The Chambers announced the sixth competition, “Germany’s Economy Awards in Lithuania 2011”.  The aim of the competition was to give recognition to a small or medium sized Lithuanian company, which has contributed to increased business relations between Germany and Lithuania, and which responsibly  exercises its economic activity in Lithuania.  This year, the prize was  named “Responsibility for the Future”.  The selection criteria were:

  • Use of regenerated energy sources in the activity of the company
  • Effective use of energy in production and in the implementation of production innovations
  • Responsibility for the protection of nature, and environmental control consciousness
  • The company’s social and/or cultural activity in Lithuania, and public responsibility
  • Raising personnel qualifications
  • Participation in programmes for unemployed workers
  • Placement and stimulation of senior employees, persons with disability, junior specialists
  • Services and creation of innovation, and development of new products
  • Increased collaboration with Germany, and growth of exports to Germany

Other special merits in the development of business relations between Lithuania and Germany  UAB “Juodeliai” has received acknowledgement by Germany and the Baltic States Chambers of Commerce in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania for successful participation in the 2011 competition.

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