Changeable Summer Weather Affects the Quality of Round-wood (Logs)

Currently, Lithuanian forests and the quality of wood have been greatly affected by the changeable summer weather. Hot and humid weather cause coniferous wood to turn blue. A significant damage has also been done to the raw material of deciduous wood, which resulted in decrease of the quality of the raw-material.

Recently, UAB Juodeliai has been facing this quality-maintenance issue quite often. A large portion of the timber from Lithuania’s forest enterprises is affected by the changeable weather. To reduce the degradation of the product quality, every shipment of wood is being carefully examined: by inspecting the wood, and returning damaged and/or inappropriate logs back to their suppliers. The company’s representatives are continually visiting timber storage sites of Lithuania’s forest-enterprises in order to select the proper wood at the first stage of manufacturing.

Compared to 2010, the volume of low-quality coniferous wood has increased by forty percent (40%). The continual cooperation with the representatives of Lithuania’s forest-enterprises helps to monitor the current situations of Lithuanian forests. Lithuanian forest enterprises believe that the quality of round-wood (i.e., logs) should increase by the middle of August, and predict expansion in the quantities of raw material.

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