Our new business-management system — to help ensure a high-level of customer service

In order to optimize performance, UAB Juodeliai has inaugurated a new accounting and business-management system. The EU support of the programme, “E-business LT”, aimed at promoting micro / small / medium-sized enterprises to implement information technologies, in order to enable favourable conditions for increasing enterprise productivity and exports. Applications could be submitted by private legal entities that belonged to the category of micro / small / medium-sized enterprises, and which were operating for no less than one year (except for those cases where a company was controlled by another company, which was operating for no less than one year).

After submitting the application, UAB Juodeliai received fifty percent of the funding for the installation of this accounting and business management system. The EU contribution amounted to 122,500 litas; the same contribution will be provided by UAB Juodeliai. The intensive procedure of installation and programming will begin soon. The team of UAB Juodeliai is expecting that in 2012, this new business-management system will be operating, will help perform all of the work faster and better, and will ensure a high-level of customer service.

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