Effective teamwork-training courses

On a sunny October 2011 weekend, the staff of UAB Juodeliai participated in training courses on the subject: “How to transform the staff into an effective operating team“. The objectives of the training courses were: to bring three subunits of the company’s staff together, to clarify the concept of effective teamwork, to provide practical skills in teamwork and team decision-making, as well as to help conceive the team’s own contribution within the activities of the organization. The participants were attempting to discover more-efficient ways of how to delegate tasks to others, and how to remain motivated in stressful situations. During practical tasks, the employees of UAB Juodeliai have learnt how to allocate responsibilities among the team members in the process of teamwork task-implementation. Disputes arising during certain task performances gave an excellent opportunity to try to deal with the current situations — not only theoretically, but also practically.

The two-days training courses gave each member of UAB Juodeliai an opportunity to acquire superior knowledge, which helps to perform daily work activities more effectively. Teamwork-training activities brought the team members together, as well as helped them to better understand each other.

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