Competitions of round-wood purchases and sales were organised by the Lithuanian state forest sectors

On 22 November 2011, bi-annual competitions of round-wood sales and sales by long-term contracts were organised by the Lithuanian state forest sectors. he conditions of the contract were: large and medium-sized cut logs — 327,000 m3; small cut logs — 226.600 m3 [91,500 m3 of which were deciduous trees, and 135,100 m3 which were conifers]; pulpwood — 207.200 m3; wood boards — 130,800 m3; firewood — 133,800 m3; and wood waste — 99,300 m3.

After the results of round-wood competitions, it was noted that timber prices have decreased about 4 percent, which was less than had been expected. The results illustrate that the demand for raw material, which is suitable for the production of wood pallets and timber products, has remained at a high level. UAB Juodeliai is still the greatest buyer of small cut-logs in Lithuania. The amount of round-wood supplies that was won by the company is sufficient to ensure consistent and timely production processing, which will allow on-time delivery and maintain top quality.

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