An index value of the concept of corruption has changed in Lithuania

UAB NEPCon LT has announced that the Transparency International organisation has updated the Indexes of the Concept of Corruption (hereinafter – ICC) for 183 countries. These indexes are relevant for the wood processing companies purchasing controlled raw materials, i.e. round wood, which should be checked at a later stage under the company‘s inspection programme.

The newest ICC table shows that New Zealand, Denmark and Finland received the highest ratings (countries with the lowest level of corruption). Somalia and North Korea are at the bottom of this table. Compared with 2010, the value of the ICC in Lithuania, Costa Rica and Oman dropped down by 5 points. The value of the ICC in Lithuania dropped from 5.0 (in 2010) to 4.8 (in 2011). Despite all efforts, according to the values of the ICC and the position of FSC®, the risk level of purchasing illegally cut wood is still high in 9 EU countries – Bulgaria, Check Republic, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania and Slovakia.

The wood providers who sell the controlled raw material will re-launch the checks on wood-felling locations under the company’s inspection programme, as they did in 2010, when the ICC value in Lithuania was 4.9. The wood processing company UAB Juodeliai confirms that it purchases only FSC® certified or legally cut wood, thus ensuring a sustainable use of natural resources.

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