UAB Juodeliai: wood processing company experience impressive export growth while implementing EU-supported project

Between 15 September 2009 and December 2011, UAB Juodeliai, one of the largest wood processing companies in the Baltic States, was implementing the project ‘UAB Juodeliai export growth in Western European markets’ according to the 2007−2013 Economic Growth Action Programme, priority 2: Increase in business productivity and improvement of business environment, the ‘New opportunities’ measure, in order to be competitive, maintain existing export markets, and thereby increase export earnings.

Targeted use of EU support, recruitment of an export marketing specialist who researched Western European markets and developed a strategy for increasing exports, and development of a modern internet site customised for foreign markets,, brought the project great success.

For the implementation of the above objectives, the company received support of LTL 144,259.00 and made their own contribution of LTL 61,826.00.

Andrius Zimnickas, the director of Juodeliai, is pleased that during the implementation of the project they succeeded in locating new partners and took concrete steps to expand their operations in foreign markets, which provided opportunities for an impressive increase in export revenues. During the project, the company’s export earnings increased by 270%.

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