Juodeliai cooperates with Lithuanian Labour Exchange

Since January 2011, the wood processing company UAB Juodeliai has maintained a close relationship with the Marijampolė Regional Labour Exchange. The company participates in the “Subsidised Employment” project organised by the Lithuanian Labour Exchange under the Ministry of Social Security and Labour. While participating in the project, UAB Juodeliai has become one of the companies that employs the largest number of people in the areas of the highest unemployment, i.e. the districts of Akmenynai and Jūrė, where the wood processing divisions of UAB Juodeliai are located. The internet site of the Lithuanian Labour Exchange regularly announces information about job vacancies in the company. Non-subsidised workers promoted by the labour exchange are also employed. They are provided an opportunity to work and gain experience in one of the most advanced wood processing companies in Lithuania.

UAB Juodeliai is a company that is willing and able to employ socially vulnerable and supported employees, ensuring permanent jobs and wages commensurate with performance. This involves work in a wood processing company that implements innovations in the production of wooden pallets, blanks, and elements and provides real professional development opportunities.

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