Nature causes adjustment of production plans for wood processing company in February

Until recently, the warm winter was favourable for cutting timber. In January, UAB Juodeliai produced 6,000 m³ of products and planned to use their maximum capacity in February to produce over 7,000 m³ of wood for pallets.

At the end of last week however, a Siberian anticyclone resulted in extreme cold in Lithuania. In some areas of the country, the temperature dropped below -30 ̊C. The extreme conditions forced us to adjust our production plans: the operation of the Jūrė sawmill was suspended earlier than planned for scheduled repair, while the productivity of the Akmenynai sawmill was reduced by approximately 20% in order to protect the equipment.

According to meteorologists, the extremely cold weather, which reached its peak last weekend, is likely to gradually become milder. By the first half of next week, we plan to start up the Jūrė sawmill, and in the second half of the week both the Jūrė and Akmenynai sawmills should be using all their production capacity. We plan to produce approximately 5,000 m³ of wood for pallets in February.

The impact of the natural conditions has some positive aspects as well: the scheduled repair of the equipment in the Jūrė sawmill will enable to ensure the precise dimensions of wood for pallets, reduce the quantity of products kept at the warehouse, and increase the quantity of logs available. All this will allow the company to be even more flexible in satisfying clients’ needs.

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