New information section about the company’s social responsibility initiatives

In 2009, the wood processing company UAB Juodeliai established the Juodeliai & Co Charity and Support Foundation. The foundation is actively expanding its activity and has therefore decided to provide the general public with more information about its initiatives. The new informational section ‘Social responsibility’ appeared in the website on 7 March this year. Visitors are welcome to learn about the cooperation initiatives of the foundation aimed at providing charity and support since its establishment. The new section is an opportunity to show what the initiatives of Juodeliai & Co are focused on and what specific works have been completed.

The main fields of activity of the Juodeliai & Co Charity and Support Foundation are the following: support for sports, youth education and promotion of employment among youth, solving problems of children from families in need of social support, and support to children with life-threatening diseases. Everyone who cares about the problems of people such as these is invited to contribute to the activities of the Juodeliai & Co Charity and Support Foundation. Please contact us with your inquiries, proposals, or opinions at the special e-mail address