Spring winds bring records

This is a very successful spring for UAB Juodeliai. In March, the company produced the greatest volumes of wood for pallets in its entire 18-year history: the divisions of the company produced 7,400 m3 of wood for pallets. These record results were achieved thanks to the renovation and upgrade of the Jūrė production facilities. The assurance of a sufficient supply of logs was one more reason for the success.

The achievements of the Sales Department were as good as those of the production facilities. The volume of wooden products sold exceeded 7,200 m3. A record number of trucks—246—was used to transport the products. The increasing number of foreign clients makes us even more optimistic when planning our activity in April.
Although the production of pallet wood continues to grow, quality and flawless customer care remain the priority for UAB Juodeliai. The success of the company’s operations depends directly on the quality of our products and the number of satisfied clients.

We would like to thank all our partners for their successful cooperation!