UAB Juodeliai becomes a certified member of the European Pallet Association (EPAL)

UAB Juodeliai has made yet another step in the international sphere; on 1 May this year, the company became a certified member of the European Pallet Association (EPAL).

For 18 years already, as much as 60% of the pallet blanks produced by the company comply with the requirements of EPAL standards. It is not expected that the production of pallet blanks according to the European standards under the licence issued by the EPAL certification body will change the share of EUR pallet blanks produced.

EPAL membership will facilitate the exchange of information between UAB Juodeliai and other pallet producers and ensure smooth communication and cooperation processes. Officially recognised compliance with EPAL standards and requirements will enable the company to satisfy the needs of individual clients in a more effective manner. EPAL membership is also a significant step forward for UAB Juodeliai, which is seeking to comply with the highest standards and is oriented towards the production of premium quality products.

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