A Visit to the Carrefour International du Bois Wood Product Exhibition in France

From 6 to 8 June 2012, the international wood product industry exhibition, Carrefour International du Bois, was organised in the exhibition centre of Nantes in France. The number of participants exceeded 500, with wood processors and traders of wood products among them. The participants exhibited various wood products such as wooden pallets, pallet blanks, and firewood. The organisers also offered seminars on the use of wood in the construction industry. The participating companies were mainly from France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, and other European countries. There were also several companies from Africa as well as North and South America. This year no Lithuanian companies took part in the exhibition.

The number of visitors to the exhibition exceeded 10,000. They came from various countries around the world. The representatives of UAB Juodeliai were also among them. The representatives of the manufacturing company, which is one of the largest producers of pallet blanks in the Baltic States, had come with the goals of finding new contacts and discovering innovations in the wood processing market. The sales manager of UAB Juodeliai, Marius Karanauskas, confirmed that he had managed to make useful contacts with manufacturers in France and other countries using sawn wood as a raw material (e.g. to produce wooden pallet blanks). It can be expected that the interaction between the wood processors that started at the exhibition will continue and achieve the level of long-term partnership.

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