A new season starts for Radviliškis-Juodeliai basketball team

The charity and support foundation Juodeliai & Co has been a sponsor of the basketball team Radviliškis-Juodeliai from the town of Radviliškis for two seasons now. Radviliškis-Juodeliai competes in the National Basketball League (NBL). Starting from the 2011 season, the name of the basketball team changed from Radviliškis to Radviliškis-Juodeliai. This team has been competing in the NBL for four consecutive years. A strong team was formed for the 2011–2012 season, and they won first place in the regular season.

The Radviliškis-Juodeliai basketball team is ambitiously hoping to become one of the top eight teams in the 2012–2013 NBL season, in which as many as 18 clubs will compete. Although the list of players on the team has undergone considerable change, it is believed this will not impede the team from competing successfully and achieving the goals they have set. Radviliškis-Juodeliai has already played six matches in the new season. The season began only recently, and only two of the six games were won. But the successful performance in the preceding season inspires the team to believe that the best results are still to come.

The staff of UAB Juodeliai wishes the Radviliškis-Juodeliai basketball team a successful 2012–2013 season.