Traditional team-building training held at UAB Juodeliai

To continue last year’s tradition, the staff of UAB Juodeliai took part in team-building training on the topic ‘Despite our differences, we are striving for the same goal’. Since the company is rapidly growing, this year the training was oriented towards reducing the distance between new and experienced employees, encouraging cooperation, and seeking synergy between different views. The purpose of the training was to unite and motive the team to strive for joint goals.

During the practical team-building workshop, the participants had to complete tasks aimed at finding joint solutions, generating cooperative potential, creating and retaining the feeling of synergy, and developing the ability to celebrate both personal and joint results. A number of various teams were formed, the composition of which changed for each of the tasks to give the employees an opportunity to communicate with a maximum number of employees from different departments.

In the rapid development of its wood processing activity and an abundance of daily tasks, UAB Juodeliai intends to continue investing in its employees: their improvement, communication, and motivation to strive for joint goals in a targeted manner.

Traditional team-building training