Spring change in UAB Juodeliai team

With the late arrival of spring in Lithuania, there is a need for greater or lesser change and novelties. The team of the wood processing company UAB Juodeliai is also welcoming spring with good news.

A new chief accountant and a new accounting specialist have joined UAB Juodeliai. Both are experts in their fields with long-term professional experience in large organisations.

There is news at the Sales Department as well. Milda Kazlauskaitė, who has worked in the company for several years, has been appointed head of the department. This change is a further step in the growth and improvement of the company.

The UAB Juodeliai team hopes that these changes will bring new inspiration, motivation and strength for new tasks, enable them to see everyday life from a new perspective, and overcome both current and future challenge more easily.

The UAB Juodeliai team wishes you a warm and sunny spring!