Timber purchase auctions of the 2nd half of the year held

The timber purchase auctions of the second half of the year were held on 11 June 2013. There was considerable interest from buyers in auctions for both half-year contracts and long-term contracts—over 1,700 offers were registered in the system. Over 90 per cent of round timber and 54 per cent of timber cutting waste were sold during the auctions. Spruce, pine, and ash tree pulpwood were the most demanded along with nearly all sawn timber – over 90 per cent of birch, spruce, pine and oak logs were sold. Only 5.9 per cent of firewood remains unsold; the figures for ash pulpwood were 6.7 per cent and 5.7 per cent for birch pulpwood. Timber cutting waste accounts for most of the unsold products– only 54 per cent of this was purchased.

The auction results published in the Round Timber Electronic Trading System (AMEPS) showed that the average selling price of round timber is approximately 6.42 per cent lower compared to 2011.

It should be noted that the Round Timber Electronic Trading System continues to contribute to the successful development of electronic systems and improvement of services in Lithuania.

UAB Juodeliai has purchased sufficient timber, and this will allow the company to ensure continuous and prompt production. “We will be able to continue to supply supreme quality products without interruption and by the agreed deadlines,” Andrius Zimnickas, director of the company was happy to report.

Prepared based on information from www.gmu.lt.