The I Love My Enterprise project to celebrate European Enterprise Day: we are in the TOP 3!

This year European Enterprise Day, 17 October, was celebrated for the first time in Lithuania.

The idea of this project was born in France and can now celebrate international success!

The purpose of the project is to enhance the microclimate in enterprises, improve mutual relations, and promote team spirit.

An enterprise is not just a workplace. Since we spend considerable time here, it is our second home. It is therefore very important that we love our second home and feel good there.

The I Love My Enterprise project was launched in Lithuania on 5 June, when employees of all Lithuanian enterprises were invited to prove that they love their enterprise the most.

We therefore created a declaration of love for our enterprise and shared it with everyone. Please watch our video:

We are in the TOP 3 in the regional enterprise category and competed with UAB Švytis and Orlen Lietuva. Voting on Facebook was open until 17 October 2013.

The team of employees that love their enterprise the most was selected by a commission. We did not win first place, but we became winners as soon as we decided to take part in the contest.

This contest confirmed once again that the UAB Juodeliai team is united, sincere and original!