We are featured in the press!

It’s good when your company is mentioned in the press. This month, the newspaper Radviliškio Naujienos published an article entitled “The railway capital becomes a wood processing centre” about the establishment and operations in the industrial park of the Radviliškis facilities of UAB Juodeliai. We are mentioned as one of the largest manufacturers of wooden pallets in the Baltic States, although we are actually one of the largest manufacturers of pallet wood. Nevertheless, we are delighted to have become one of the main investors in Radviliškis District and will create nearly 100 new jobs here. We have invested a lot, and our investments are considerably beyond the LTL 28 million mentioned in the article. Our total investments amount to LTL 42 million.

Our company will celebrate its 20th anniversary this year and will continue expanding its production and modernising. It is a perfect moment for changing, renewing, looking for new opportunities, and generating new ideas. We are proud to be pioneers in the implementation of new, computerised wood-processing lines in the Baltic States and Poland.

We are happy to contribute to the increase in the economic value of the regions of both Suvalkija and Aukštaitija. We hope to continue the smooth and mutually beneficial collaboration and communication with the local authorities, competitors, entrepreneurs, and the populace.

Radviliškio Naujienos, 31 January – 6 February 2014, No 5 (432)

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