UAB Juodeliai has started using a new computerized workstation for its master chief woodworker

The wood processing company UAB Juodeliai has taken one more important step towards the optimization and computerization of the company‘s production procedures. The rapidly growing company was in great need of a new solution – the optimization of the workstation of the master chief woodworkers of the company’s production divisions. For this purpose, the company decided to develop a computerized workstation for its master chief woodworkers. Usually, a clearly and easily controlled computerized workstation for a master chief woodworker, when it is connected to the system, enables him to indicate online the products that he has already manufactured. The existing business management system Microsoft Dynamics NAV optimizes the company’s operational procedures for a 24-hour period only. The IT Division of UAB Juodeliai has integrated the new workstation into available business analysis instruments.

The design solution of the new workstation also allows an operator to use this system on tablets. Mobility means that the master chief woodworker is not distracted from the production procedure, while the hardware is cheaper and more easily replaceable compared to an ordinary terminal workstation.

Since the beginning of May, computerized workstations have been used in two of the three woodworking production divisions (in Jure and Akmenynai). In the new Radviliskis workshop, the system will be put into operation in June this year.

The company is going to invite its partners who provide additional woodworking operations to add data to the new system. In this way, all the products manufactured by UAB Juodeliai will be available online and registered and processed in accordance with the same principles.