Wood processing company UAB Juodeliai opens sawn timber processing facilities in Radviliškis, the most modern facilities of this type in the Baltic States

To increase export volumes and expand the selection of products, UAB Juodeliai, one of the largest wood processing companies in the Baltic States, implemented the project “The Radviliškis wood processing facilities of UAB Juodeliai” (VP2-2.1-ŪM-06-K-01-004) (project start date: July 2012) in the framework of the Invest LT-2 measure of Priority Axis 2 “Increasing efficiency of enterprises and promoting a supportive business environment” of the Operational Programme for Economic Growth for 2007–2013.

The main purpose of the project was to launch the most modern wood processing facilities in the Baltic region and Poland. The facilities are designed to produce high quality wood products using an innovative and fully computerised production technology so that the company can expand the selection of products and obtain considerable quantities of biofuel in the course of the production process.

The total value of the project exceeded LTL 42 million, of which LTL 4 million was obtained in the framework of the EU-funded Invest LT-2.
Andrius Zimnickas, Director General of UAB Juodeliai, is delighted that the company successfully completed its ambitious goal in June 2014: to open in Radviliškis the most modern wood processing facilities in the Baltic States and Poland. The facilities occupy an area of nearly 8 hectares. The production process is fully automated: the sawing process is controlled by computer systems that guarantee the high precision of the dimensions of wooden pallets and the flawless quality of wooden products. To date, 95 new jobs have been provided at the new facilities. The inauguration of the facilities will enable the company to expand the scope of production even further, react to market changes more promptly, offer shorter deadlines for completing customer orders, improve and implement advanced wood processing processes, and expand to new foreign markets, e.g. the UAE and China.

We are delighted to be able to contribute to the increase in the economic value of both the Suvalkija and Aukštaitija regions. We would like to express our gratitude to AB Šiaulių Bankas and Radviliškis District Government for their collaboration in implementing the project.

Contact person:
Mr Andrius Zimnickas,
Director General
Tel. +370 343 51201
E-mail a.zimnickas@juodeliai.lt

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