Long-time Marathon Runner Continues Winning Victories and Brings Lithuania and UAB ‘Juodeliai’ Into Good Repute

As in many years before, the traditional World March Marathon has been held in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, for the 98th year. A large number of participants – 46,000 athletes of all ages and skill levels from all over the world – have attended the event.

A 69-year old long-time marathon runner Jonas Žilinskas (Liudvinavas, Lithuania) has not only participated in this competition for the 9th time but also brought home a medal!

“Participation in this competition is quite expensive. Therefore, one has to look for sponsors,” says J. Žilinskas. UAB ‘Juodeliai’ was one of the sponsors that helped Jonas Žilinskas travel to the Netherlands and try his strength in the marathon once more (he also participated in this marathon last year and took the 7th place).

This year Jonas Žilinskas competed in the veteran group of 160 participants. He covered 160 kilometres in 4 days and took 6th place. The runner hopes to participate in the 100th marathon to be held in 2016.

UAB ‘Juodeliai’ is proud of both Jonas Žilinskas’ achievements and the opportunity to contribute to his success. Our company wishes Mr. Žilinskas the very best of luck in his further marathons.