Marijampolė — a town of traditional crafts and innovations

In recent years Lithuania has fast tracked local growth by focusing on increasing keys skills and radically improving existing infrastructure. Old industry traditions, the development of infrastructure and a strong desire to improve made every Lithuanian region a unique pool of competences. Due to the experience, competences and advanced infrastructure offered by regions, as much as 45 percent of foreign companies that newly entered Lithuania in 2013 decided to start their businesses outside of the capital city.

A wood processing company UAB Juodeliai is located in the Marijampolė region. Regarding investment opportunities, Marijampolė is perceived as the town of traditional crafts and innovations.

‘Invest Lithuania’ provides an overview of regional competences — 10 short publications in English about business opportunities in every county of the country. All publications are available in the interactive map at

The aforementioned publications highlight specific competences of each region, determined by comparing the turnovers and the numbers of employees in different industries and according to the sectors that draw most of investors‘ attention and have a growth potential in specific regions. The provided information also includes the data about the region‘s available work force, competences, average wage, special economic zones, transportation opportunities and potential business partners, i.e. other companies in the region. The wood processing company UAB Juodeliai is also included in the publication dedicated to the Marijampolė region.

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