Team UAB Juodeliai took part in the course “Enhancement of cooperation in the company”

Continuing the tradition, the team of UAB Juodeliai Wood Processing Company took part in the course: “Enhancement of cooperation in the company” during which the topics of ‘the team’ and ‘teamwork psychology’ were emphasised.

Over the past few years, the team of UAB Juodeliai has grown significantly. New people with diverse attitudes and various points-of-view have joined the company. To implement our common goals, the company requires a united and motivated team – that was the training’s main objective. During the practice sessions the participants had to perform many unique tasks aimed at joint problem solving, cooperation and interaction between the different employees of the company.

UAB Juodeliai continues to invest in one of the most important principles of business activity – the appreciation of employees. The company expects that investments in human resources will promote more efficient and high quality achievements in the implementation of the company’s goals and tasks.

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