Roundwood auctions of the first half of the year of 2015 took place

On 3 December this year the round timber electronic trade system (AMEPS) announced the results of the roundwood auctions of the first semester of 2015. Buyers were active in both auctions both for semi-annual and long-term contracts.

More than 900 customers were registered in the system and over 1,300 proposals to participate in the auctions were submitted, indicating that the demand for sawlogs exceeds its supply. A completely opposite situation is in the market of panels and firewood, pulpwood and felling waste where supply exceeds demand, and, therefore, significant amount of wood remained unsold.

Wood processing enterprise UAB Juodeliai successfully bid for sufficient timber for own consumption, which will allow the company to ensure the continued and timely wood production. In the upcoming first half of the year 2015 wood processing company UAB Juodeliai will cooperate with all forestry enterprises of the Republic of Lithuania (42).