UAB Juodeliai has joined the ‘Clear Wave’ initiative promoting transparent and responsible business practice

The ‘Clear Wave’ initiative (launched in 2007) is the first and the only initiative labelling transparent and responsible businesses in Lithuania. The initiative unites over fifty members in 27 Lithuanian cities. The purpose of this initiative that has been launched eight years ago is to encourage transparent business practices in Lithuania and establish the principles of transparent and honest business.

This year (17 February 2015) a wood processing company UAB Juodeliai has joined this initiative that every year attracts new companies. UAB Juodeliai promotes responsibility and transparency in its business activities and actively encourages other market participants and partners to follow its example. The members of the ‘Clear Wave’ initiative publicly declare that they ensure transparent participation in the tenders (public procurement), maintain transparent accounts and records of payments to their employees and comply with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania and pay due taxes. Paying taxes and consistent policy ensure the vitality of the most sensitive sectors of the state. The growing number of members of this initiative indicates that there are less and less companies that do not to follow the principles of transparent business practice in Lithuania.

Transparency and integrity in business, service sectors and other areas is widely discussed lately. UAB Juodeliai promotes transparent and responsible business practices. The company supports ethical business culture and follows the core values, including responsibility, quality, and openness for innovations, that lay the foundations of the entire business. This is why the company decided to join the ‘Clear Wave’ initiative without any doubt. 20 years in business prove that transparent business practice is a key to the company’s long-term success. In addition, it helps to communicate the company’s values to its employees and partners. A business that is labelled as transparent gains trust and better reputation, and at the same time, it encourages its partners to operate in a responsible manner.

More on the initiative here.

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