UAB Juodeliai delivers its products to Europe not only by land, but also by sea

With the growing capacity of UAB Juodeliai wood processing company, the volume of its products is increasing, the number of customers is growing and the production sales market is expanding. It is important for the company to find an alternative to land transport, which is currently used for the transportation of the majority of production. As of April this year, UAB Juodeliai began to deliver its products by sea – in containers and fully loaded ships.

This process might be well familiar for other companies, but it was a new experience for UAB Juodeliai, forced to look for new solutions outside the usual manufacturing process. In April, the ship carried more than 2,500 m3 of wood representing about 13 percent of monthly production capacity of the company. The company has changed packaging specifications and invested in additional fastening materials so that products can reach the destination in stable packages. There is still room for improvement, but the company already provides further steps for correcting some errors. We hope that this process becomes permanent.

UAB Juodeliai appreciates that its clients and partners are willing to cooperate in organizing the delivery of production, searching for alternatives and seeking mutual benefits.

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