UAB Juodeliai is among the three finalists in the Investor of the Year 2014 nomination in the Investors’ Forum awards

The Investors’ Forum Association, bringing together the largest investors in the Lithuanian economy, has evaluated and awarded the companies, state institutions and media representatives with the most significant contribution to the movement of the business environment and investment climate of the country in 2014. The award ceremony of the Investors’ Forum, becoming a tradition, this year it was organised for the fourth time.

UAB Juodeliai wood processing company was among the finalists in the award ceremony held in Vilnius on 24 April 2015. The company applied for the “Investor of the Year 2014” nomination. The nomination is awarded for progress and contributions to the development of the Lithuanian economy and new jobs. For the title of the “Investor of the Year”, our company had to compete with other enterprises such as “Thermo Fisher Scientific Baltics” and “Klaipėdos Smeltė”.

In addition to this nomination, applications in other nominations were also accepted: “Responsible Enterprise”, “Business Journalist of the Year”, “Place of Investment – Lithuania”, “Teacher of Economics of the Year” and “Decision of the Year for Business Environment Improvement”.

We enjoy credits for our courage, efforts, and for responsible and professional work in 2014. At the end of last year, UAB Juodeliai was nominated as a winner in the Innovation Prize 2014 competition, and nominated as a Business Leader of the Region in the competition For Business Merits organised by the Ministry of Economy. In February this year the company was given the award of the Lithuanian Labour Exchange For the creation of new jobs in the highest unemployment area.

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