Lithuanian Association of Impartial Timber Scalers holds a seminar at UAB Juodeliai sawmill in Radviliškis

On June 26, 2015, a seminar “Round timber quality assessment by a group method” was held at UAB Juodeliai manufacturing unit in Radviliškis. The presentation was made by E. Petrauskas, the president of the Lithuanian Association of Impartial Timber Scalers. The representatives of most (42) Lithuanian forest enterprises attended the seminar. The Directorate General of State Forests was represented by G. Paltanavičius, the head of the Department of Forest Usage.

UAB Juodeliai is a member of the aforementioned association since the beginning of 2014. On November 1, the Lithuanian Association of Impartial Timber Scalers became solely responsible for accepting timber, ensuring that its quality and quantity are in compliance with round wood suppliers’ agreements, and accounting of Radviliškis round wood warehouse.

During the seminar, control assessments of bundles were made, showing that group method of wood assessment might not show all flaws. Individual assessment reveals much more defects.
All participants of the event has the opportunity to look around the newest manufacturing sawmill of UAB Juodeliai. A. Zimnickas, the CEO of the company, presented the most innovative wood processing sawmill in the Baltic States and Poland.

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