UAB Juodeliai attended an international exhibition in China

The representatives of the wood processing company UAB Juodeliai have returned from the international “Shanghai Imported wood & Woodworking Machinery 2015” exhibition, which was held in China from the 9th to the 12th of September this year.

It is not the first exhibition in China that was attended by the representatives of UAB Juodeliai. As wood imports to China increase, the company is trying to attend such exhibitions at least once a year (the last Chinese exhibition that the company took part in was held in May, 2014).

The exhibition brings together companies that import and export wood and its produce as well as wood processing machinery and equipment vendors. This year, as many as 786 participants came from 45 countries, such as: China, Sweden, Germany, France, USA, Australia, Turkey, Columbia, Netherlands, Lithuania, and other European countries. Also, the number of visitors reached a record of 35,524; they came from 108 countries.

Apart from attending the exhibition, the two-week visit of the representatives of UAB Juodeliai was also devoted to visiting current customers and discussing possible cooperation with potential customers from other Asian countries.