UAB Juodeliai Employees Participated in Conflict and Stress Management Trainings

Every year, a team of employees of a wood processing company UAB Juodeliai takes part in the company‘s internal trainings.This year, the trainings called “Conflict and Stress Management” were held on October 16-17. During two days, the causes of conflicts, conflict prevention, stress management and emotions rising during a conflict were discussed.The trainings were led by Arvydas Būta, manager of leadership training programs at the ISM Executive School, Doctor of Social Sciences.

This year, UAB Juodeliai trainings especially focused on well-defined corporate values that are based on real work situations.The emphasis was put on the company‘s values and how they are reflected in everyday business activity when communicating both with colleagues and external partners. Well-established corporate values have a significant impact and help to maintain a harmonious, productive, efficient, stress-free, and conflict-free work environment based on a team spirit.Common values and their perception also contribute to the prevention of conflicts.

During these internal trainings UAB Juodeliai employees gained new knowledge, interesting experience and ideas about innovative conflict management practises that will have a positive impact on the work with clients and partners.