UAB Juodeliai took part in Pie Day initiative

This year, the team of the wood processing company UAB Juodeliai joined the largest support project “Išsipildymo Akcija” (Eng. “Dreams Come True Initiative”), organized by television broadcasters, and a public initiative inspired by it – the Pie Day, which is already popular among business companies, education institutions, and communities. The initiative has already become a tradition and it is celebrated more widely each year.

On November 6, the majority of the company’s employees rushed to work with their home-baked pies, which they were then selling to their colleagues for an agreed price, and the money raised was given to the “Išsipildymo Akcija 2015” project, intended to help disadvantaged children.

UAB Juodeliai team is glad to be able to participate in a meaningful initiative and help the ill children. Each piece of pie brings us a step closer to the fulfillment of the disadvantaged children’s dreams. In addition to the main idea of this initiative, our team has also tested its cooking abilities and experienced great emotions while spending time together and working for a noble goal.