Young People Interested in Job Opportunities at UAB Juodeliai

In February, Radviliškis Production facility of the UAB Juodeliai, a wood processing company, attracted some young visitors. This event took place on the initiative from Radviliškis Youth School. Each year the School holds an event named Career Days. Within the framework of this event, young people arrived at the Production facility of our company, UAB Juodeliai.

It is known that the School above differentiates its activity among young students, adapting type of events to the age of students. This was the case in February. The students from higher classes went to meet representatives of the Radviliškis Centre for Technology and Business Training and Centre for Vocational Training. On the second day, everybody was invited to take a closer look at different professions. The boys from higher classes visited the Production facility of UAB Juodeliai. This time they got familiarized themselves with professions of wood working machinist and tool sharpener not from stories told by others. Organizing of such events helps young students to orient themselves in a huge field of career possibilities. To choose the career successfully one needs to know what are learning directions, future professions and working activities. Somebody must deliver this knowledge to young people.

Job opportunities at UAB Juodeliai were presented also within the framework of Career Days held on March 1st by Kaunas University of Technology. The nearest event on such kind will be held on March 17th within Career Days of Vilnius Gediminas Technical University. We believe that news about young people careers will always attract our young readers.